Fuck you if you do not enjoy the same things I do

What you are about to witness is a virtual menagerie of fallen angels, lost souls, and tainted minds assembled for your viewing pleasure. Designed as a portal into world of things that interest and amuse me, it is simply an attempt to put method to madness and structure to chaos. There will of course be more to come as I have time to create and convert the mental mayhem into visual media. In the mean time, feel free to wander at your leisure, enjoy what we have to offer, and participate where you can. Now then, that is enough of my rambling, let us venture forth and enjoy the show......

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These pages contain material of an adult nature and links to sites with adult themes. If you are underage, scared of nudity, abhor violence, or fear the unknown, I must insist that you venture elsewhere. In addition, beware of changes in opinion or opening of the mind as a result of entering herein.

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